The Comm-Rec team is researching some new programming, and they need your help!
Sarah Hissett | July 26, 2021 Read Post
To celebrate #JuneIsRecMonth, each day we’ll share a new way for you to connect with your friends and family virtually! Check back daily for new activities you can do with your family and friends!

Click the associated link with each post to head to the virtual resource. We have included a snippet from their websites to give you a quick glance at the game/activity.
Sarah Hissett | May 31, 2021 Read Post
Education physique a la maison
Découvrez ce que vous pouvez faire pour aider vos enfants à bouger au quotidien.
Sarah Hissett | May 25, 2021 Read Post
PE at Home
Learn what you can do to help keep your kids moving on a daily basis.
Sarah Hissett | May 25, 2021 Read Post
Recess Episode 4:  Loose Parts Play
Loose Parts Play involves giving kids access to tools, materials and resources and letting their imagination guide them.
Sarah Hissett | May 21, 2021 Read Post
Recess Episode 3:  Risky Play
Rough and tumble play (RTP) is at the very heart of being a kid.  It involves the whole body, and is characterized by behaviors such as spinning, roughhousing, lifting, bouncing, wrestling, jumping, falling, tumbling, tickling and chasing.  This type of play is spontaneous and involves positive emotions.
Sarah Hissett | May 20, 2021 Read Post
Recess Episode 2:  Playing In Nature
Studies show that exposure to nature can increase children's health.
Sarah Hissett | May 19, 2021 Read Post
Recess Episode 1: Unstructured Play
Unstructured play happens when kids follow their instincts, ideas, and interests without an imposed outcome.  Why is this important, and how can you help encourage unstructured play with your family.
Sarah Hissett | May 18, 2021 Read Post
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