Recreation Rental Equipment
This program will continue to operate during the COVID-19 closure.

Recreation Rental Equipment CRA members get access to rec equipment at discounted prices!

We are excited to share our new Recreation Rental Equipment Program with Community Recreation Association Members. You can access this program by contacting the recreation department, at 780-842-1363 x1274.

We currently have adult sizes of cross country skis and snowshoes available for rent. As we build the program, we will have children's sizes and other equipment inventory available. 

All users must complete a WAIVER OF LIABILITY prior to first use, and a RENTAL AGREEMENT with each rental. You can print these forms and bring them with you at the time of payment. Forms will also be available at the front desk of the Garrison Fitness Centre.

Equipment Cost Per Day Cost Per Weekend 3 Day Rate Cost Per Week
Adults Ski Package: Cross Country Skis, Poles, Boots $15 $24 $33* $55
Youth Ski Package: Cross Country Skis, Poles, Boots $7 $12 $15** $25
Adult Snowshoes $7 $12 $15** $25
Youth Snowshoes $5 $8 $9*** $15
Note: Each additional day at this rate is *$11 **$5 ***$3
All prices listed are before tax. GST will be applied at time of purchase.
Youth rates apply to participants under 18 years of age as indicated on CRA membership profile.

The following procedures will be in place for rentals:
  • Members can book an appointment to pick up equipment, or call day of. No drop-ins.
  • All equipment is disinfected thoroughly prior to pick-up and after drop-off.
  • Masks must be worn when picking up equipment.
  • Only one member per household is permitted to pick up equipment. Waivers must be completed by all participants and submitted to the front desk at time of pick up.
  • We will only accept payment via debit or credit at this time. 
  • We ask that you respect physical distancing when picking up or dropping off.
  1. Who is able to rent equipment?
    1. This program is only available for individuals with a valid CRA Membership, or Military ID. You may be entitled to a free CRA Membership. To find out more, click HERE.
  2. How long can I sign out equipment for?
    1. At this time, you can sign out equipment for 1 week plus the half days on each end (see rental agreement below). 
  3. What happens if the equipment breaks while I have it signed out?
    1. Please see the rental agreement below.
  4. Do you have special procedures in place for COVID-19?
    1. YES. This is detailed just above the FAQ section. Please read through all the improtant information related to our COVID-19 precautions. 
  5. Can I rent skis without renting boots or vice versa?
    1. Yes, but the price will remain the same for the whole package.
  6. How do I know what size is for me?
    1. We have a sizing chart available and our equipment is separated according to this guide. The employee working with you will make sure the size is right for you.
  7. Do you have child/youth equipment?
    1. Yes. We have limited small sizes available. Most teenagers will be able to use our adult sizing. Youth rates apply to participants under 18 years of age as indicated on CRA membership profile.
  8. Where can I access cross country ski trails and spots for snowshoeing?
    1. We have put together a list of places to check out, which you can access HERE.
  9. I am a military member with a civilian spouse, and we are looking to rent equipment. What is the procedure for us?
    1. As a military member, you can rent equipment for yourself for free through the Sports Stores Program. You can access equipment for your spouse through the recreation rental program.
  10. I have some ideas for equipment that I would like to see available through the rental program. Who should I tell?
    1. We are looking to build our rental program over the next couple years. If you have an idea for equipment that would fit well with our program, we'd love to hear from you. You can email the Community Recreation Coordinator:

Reservations, payment and ID:

1.     All rental charges must be paid for in full at the time of reservation.
2.     Payment can be accepted over the phone or in person, Monday-Friday 0800-1645.
3.     Military or CRA ID must be presented at time of payment.
4.     Equipment can only be signed out for a maximum of 1 week (7 days).

Pick Ups and Returns:
5.      A signed waiver by all participants must be provided at time of equipment pick up. 
6.     Equipment pick-ups will take place Monday-Friday, during regular business hours (0800-1645). You can pick up rental equipment from 1500 on the day before your reservation begins, and you can return the items from 0800-1300, the day after use. There is no charge for these two “half days”
7.     Returns are accepted Monday-Friday however damages will be assessed on the following business day.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

8.     If you want to cancel your booking, you must provide 24 hours’ notice, you will receive a full refund. 
9.     If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours, you will receive 50% refund.  
10.   On the day of pick up, once the reservation has started at 3pm, there will be no refunds.
11.    If you want to reschedule your booking, and provide more than 24 hours’ notice, there is no fee. If less than 24 hours is provided, there is a 1 day, 50% rental fee charge that will be added to your booking total charge.
12.    Extensions to your booking can only be made subject to availability. 

Late, damaged, or lost gear
13.    Late returns will be charged double the daily rental rate for each day late. Returns received after 1pm on the day of return are considered late. 
14.    You are responsible for returning all rental equipment in clean, dry, working condition. If the equipment you return is damaged, needs repair or requires cleaning, you’ll be responsible for those costs. You will be charged the full retail value for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment.