Rec Hockey

Rec Hockey League

The CRA Rec Hockey League is held every Tue & Thu from 0700-0800hrs
at the Peace Memorial Multiplex.

08-October to 12-December // 07-January to 05-March

This non-contact pick-up hockey league is by pre-registration only and is open to all military and CRA members*. Pre-registration is required. Jerseys and equipment may be loaned through the Garrison Fitness Centre.

Players must wear neck guards at all times or they will be removed from the ice!

Registration fee: $135.00 (incl tax)
*Civilian participants must have a valid CRA membership for the duration of the hockey season. For more information on a membership with the Community Rec Association, please click here. ​CAF members may be eligible for a full reimbursement at the end of the season. Register at the Garrison Fitness Centre.