Deployment Resources

Deployment Resources


Deployment Resources

The WMFRC's definition of deployment:
Deployment refers to the extended absence of the military member whether it be due to training or course, temporary duty (TD), imposed restriction (IR), or operational duty, regardless of location (overseas or otherwise).

Deployment Resources

The WMFRC provides support and resources to meet families' needs during times of deployment. The WMFRC supports the well-being of family members, including partners, children, and parents prior to, during, and after these separations. 

Please note: The WMFRC can only help if we are aware that the military member will be away. Please give us a call or send an e-mail to speak with our Deployment Coordinator, who will work with you to create an individualized support plan specific to your families needs. 

Deployment Briefings

The WMFRC offers Pre-Deployment and Reunion Briefings in which the Deployment Coordinator will meet with the family to share and discuss services available. These meetings may be conducted on a one-on-one basis or in larger groups when needed. Families will be provided with an information package filled with resources and support for the entire family.

Peer Support: Activities & Events

In an effort to establish peer support networks, the WMFRC provides opportunities for families of deployed members to connect and support each other. This may include a Meet and Greet, recreational opportunities, and monthly social gatherings. Click here for Deployment Support Activities and Events.

Warm Line Call Service

The Warm Line Call Service is a confidential, informal telephone or email support network. 
With a goal of connecting families with community resources and pertinent activities and events. In addition, The Warm Line provides an empathetic ear, recognizing and appreciating the challenges experienced by families of deployed members.

Deployment Child Care

The WMFRC offers a variety of respite childcare options for families of CAF members who are separated for work-related reasons. Families can meet with our Deployment Coordinator and together develop an individualized support plan based on their families needs.  Please call 780-842-1363 Ext. 1246 to discuss.

Deployment Readiness Binder

Families are able to reach out to the WMFRC prior to deployment and receive a digital copy of our Deployment Readiness Binder. Please email our Deployment Coordinator.  

Reunion Briefings

The anticipation of the return of a loved one can be both exciting and stressful, perhaps invoking a great deal of anxiety. The WMFRC offers Reunion Briefings that may be conducted on a one-on-one basis or in larger groups as the need presents. The WMFRC Mental Health Coordinator is present and a representative from the Base Chapel may also be present, to ensure that families receive valuable information and assistance throughout the homecoming.