Free Parcel Service

Free Parcel Service


Free Parcel Service

Sending letters and packages can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends serving overseas. At present, it is free to send parcels to members on overseas deployments from the WMFRC. Families and friends are welcome to drop off care packages off at the main office to be mailed overseas.

The following are specific guidelines for this service. 
(Note: Oversize and overweight parcels will not be accepted)

When mailing by Canada Post, a Canada Customs declaration form is required with every parcel departing or entering Canada signed by the sender of the parcel. Customs authorities of the destination country may examine all mail and may confiscate any prohibited item. Such items may lead to criminal charges being laid against the sender. Ensure that the parcel is wrapped properly and securely and use packing tape. Do not use string to bind the parcel. 


Weight: Maximum 20 Kg (Approximately 44 lb).
Two conditions must be met regarding size:

  • maximum length is one metre (Approx 39"); and
  • the maximum length plus girth is two meters (Approx 79") 
  • (the definition of girth = width + height + width + height).

Exceptions to the above guidelines 

  • Canadian Ships = Size: shoe box size
  • APO Address = Size: shoe box size, Frequency: 1 box per month
  • Democratic Republic of Congo = Authorized senders only, Weight: 27.5 lbs per 6 month period

Prohibited Items

All parcels are subject to inspection by the host country’s Customs Officials. Therefore, a detailed list of contents must be included on all parcels. Batteries should be sent in the original packaging and not loose or in a device. No article may be sent by mail if their nature or packaging may expose postal employees to hazards, or damage other items of mail.

Mailing the following items is strictly prohibited:

  • alcohol or tobacoo product;
  • batteries;
  • coins;
  • passport;
  • weapons, including replicas;
  • explosives, radioactive materials or ammunition;
  • lighters/ matches;
  • seeds;
  • woods;
  • animal products;
  • flammable liquids or solids;
  • compressed gas;
  • propane cigarette lighters;
  • corrosive fluids;
  • software/hardware;
  • obscene magazines or pictures;
  • drugs/medication; and
  • perishable items.
Total value of all contents should not exceed $214

Addressing Reference 

  • Write the address on the front of the parcel
  • Consult the addresses for overseas operation page on the Forces website
  • Write the CF member’s service number, rank, name, and the deployment unit 
  • All parcels shall contain a list of: ContentsQuantity of each item, Value of each itemWeight.
  • Write your return address including your name and phone number 
  • Ensure that the parcel is wrapped properly and securely and use packing tape. Do not use string to bind the parcel.

Download Address Template

If you have any questions about the WMFRC Parcel Service, please contact 780-842-1363 Ext. 1253 or e-mail before you come into the office to mail your parcel.