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Education Assistance


Education Assistance

Finding the right career path that fits in with your lifestyle is sometimes a difficult task. Frequent relocations, work related separations and being posted to new communities frequently can make it hard to maintain your education and keep a career. The Wainwright MFRC’s Employment & Education Services Coordinator is available to assist military spouses and their dependants in determining the career they want and identifying the educational requirements to get there.

We offer:
  • Career Counselling – We look at your interests and skills and help you narrow down potential career paths.
  • Post-secondary Education Information – We identify which institutions offer the program you are interested in; whether that be at a local college or university, or via distance/online education, we can help you find the right path!
  • Exam Services – If you have chosen to complete your studies via distance education, we can provide invigilation services free of charge!

Wainwright Schools K-12: Colleges & Universities: Note: Many distance and online programs are available. Please inform the Employment & Education Services Coordinator if you are looking for a specific program.

Bursary & Scholarship Information:
The Employment & Education Services Coordinator can assist you in finding all available funding options.

CF Education Assistance Loan Program
Legion Bursaries & Scholarships
Support Our Troops Scholarships

For more information, please contact 780-842-1363 Ext. 1253 or e-mail info@wainwrightmfrc.ca