Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional wellness includes healthy diet, weight management, nutrition for special needs (athletes, pregnant women, etc.), heart health and diabetes prevention. Nutritional wellness in the CAF involves providing the knowledge and environment to support CAF members in making nutritional choices appropriate to their stage of life, activity level and overall health.

Operational readiness starts with fit and healthy personnel. By combining sound eating habits with a physical activity program, CAF personnel can achieve better work performance, a stable weight and lifelong health benefits. Sound eating habits include eating healthy foods at regular times throughout the day and selecting the appropriate fluid and fuel before, during and after physical activity.

Top Fuel for Top Performance (TFTP) is a module-based course for CAF personnel to choose the amount and type of fluid and food they need to balance energy requirements in varied situations throughout their lives and to optimize health and physical performance.

Healthy body weight is an important aspect of overall health and well-being. Obesity and overweight are serious concerns for the Canadian Armed Forces because they are risk factors for a variety of chronic health conditions and because of their negative impact on operational readiness.

Weight wellness can be broadly defined as the ability to sustain a healthy weight over the long term, leading to improved health and well-being. Several lifestyle factors influence weight wellness: good nutrition and eating habits, and obtaining an adequate level of physical activity to maintain weight and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

The Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program is designed as a workshop-based group course to motivate and enable CAF personnel to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and a healthy lifestyle based on the most current scientific evidence.

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