Managing Angry Moments

Managing Angry Moments

If you feel the need to examine and address issues of anger (while they are still manageable) in order to prevent the possibility of their escalation to physical or verbal aggression, Managing Angry Moments (MAM) can help.

MAM is for anyone who wants to effectively manage their anger in the face of triggering circumstances. MAM was designed to meet the needs of a non-violent CAF population and is divided into seven modules presented weekly. Each module lasts approximately two hours and are as follows:
  1. Understanding anger
  2. Anger, stress and mental fitness
  3. Trigger thoughts, coping thoughts and strategies
  4. Reframing thinking errors
  5. Assertive communication: resolving conflicts while managing anger
  6. Managing anger with forgiveness
  7. Maintaining positive changes

Managing angry moments is offered twice annually in Wainwright. The class meets once a week for a three hour period with emphasis on confidentiality of anything shared within the group setting. For more information, please contact Health Promotion.