Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness

The Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness (MFSA) course provides an easy-to-use ACE model (Ask, Care, Escort) that anyone can use to help someone who is experiencing distress, be it a colleague, friend or family member. 

A full-day course is available to all CAF personnel and their families and covers the following topics:
  1. How to gain and maintain mental fitness
  2. Understand barriers to seeking help
  3. Learn about the stigma attached to mental health issues
  4. Practice effective communication
  5. Learn how to build resiliency

MFSA training will prepare participants to promote mental fitness and to mitigate the incidence of mental health injuries, including deliberate self-harm and suicide, within the military community.

MFSA is offered in two formats: General training and Supervisor training. Both options are offered twice annually, once in the Winter/Spring months and again in the Fall months. MFSA briefings and presentations are provided upon request by the Manager of Health Promotion.