Stress: Take Charge!

Stress management is a daily balancing act that has an impact on your physical and mental self. Stress take charge is a stress management program designed and tested specifically for the CAF to improve health and well-being. If you want to increase your stress hardiness, enhance your performance and ramp up your resilience, Stress Take Charge (STC) may be of interest to you! 

Stress take charge is a self-directed approach to stress management through self-awareness, behaviour change and skill building. STC will help you identify the strategies that you already use as well as those that you can begin to implement in order to optimize your stress response.

The program consists of eight modules in which you will learn to:
  • Understand the stress reaction in the military context
  • Choose and practice specific skills that can be used to decrease stress and build resilience 
  • Benefit from regular practice of the relaxation response

Stress Take Charge is offered twice annually, once in the Winter/Spring months and again in the Fall, taking place over a two-day period (two full days in class teaching). For more information, please contact our Health Promotion office.