Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities Volunteering at the WMFRC

WMFRC Volunteer Coordinator Michèle enjoys enriching the community by connecting volunteers to opportunities that enhance their existing skill set, and allow space for personal growth in which the whole community can benefit. We invite you to make a difference and have a positive impact on your community, whether through our volunteer Board of Directors or showcasing your skillset at an event.

Volunteering is a win-win proposition. It enriches individuals and society at large. Your volunteer work is a gift - to yourself and to the world! By volunteering with the Wainwright Military Family Resource Centre (WMFRC), you will cultivate personal growth while enjoying new experiences. Various volunteer opportunities await you. Share your talents, creativity, leadership, and knowledge, all while meeting new people and having a great time. 

The Volunteer Coordinator is always available to orient volunteers, help them find the right opportunities and ensure that they are offered a meaningful volunteering experience.

General Volunteering

To volunteer with the WMFRC, please fill out this application and email to info@wainwrightmfrc.ca

Board of Directors

To volunteer with the Board of Directors, please read this package

For more information about Volunteering at the WMFRC, please contact 780-842-1363 Ext. 1253 or e-mail info@wainwrightmfrc.ca