Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities Volunteering at the WMFRC

Volunteering is a win-win proposition. It enriches individuals and society at large. Your volunteer work is a gift - to yourself and to the world!
By volunteering with the Wainwright Military Family Resource Centre (WMFRC), you will cultivate personal growth while enjoying new experiences. Various volunteer opportunities await you. Share your talents, creativity, leadership, and knowledge, all while meeting new people and having a great time. 

The Volunteer Coordinator is always available to orient volunteers, help them find the right opportunities and ensure that they are offered a meaningful volunteering experience.

Some of our Volunteer Opportunities include:

Promotional Campaign Assistant – assisting throughout the year in a variety of campaigns to promote our programs and services, duties may include helping distribute posters and pamphlets.
Thift Store Assistant - helping to sort and organize donations, be an extra set of hands on sale days.
Special Events Assistant – helping with setting up and taking down, organizing and running of special events.
Physical Activity Leader - planning and leading children from K - Gr. 6 in physical activities during PD days and school holidays.
Before School Monitor – supervising the parking lot before school to help ensure safety procedures are followed by children and parents.
Fieldtrip Attendant – accompanying CDC (daycare), OSCC (out of school care centre) or Summer Programs on fieldtrips to help with supervision of children.
Bilingual Interpreter – acting as an interpreter in person or by phone as needed at meetings, appointments or filling out paperwork.
Grounds Caretaker – keeping sidewalks, entrances and cement pads clear of debris, rocks and or snow; emptying of rubbish bins in playground and taking charge of sorting and returning refundable containers as needed.
Board Members – being part of the team who is responsible for the highest level of decision making and legal authority for the MFRC.

General Volunteering

To volunteer with the WMFRC, please fill out this application and email to info@wainwrightmfrc.ca

Board of Directors

To volunteer with the Board of Directors, please read this package

Current Opportunities

Please check back often for continuing opportunities or call to inquire. 

For more information about Volunteering at the WMFRC, please contact 780-842-1363 Ext. 1253 or e-mail info@wainwrightmfrc.ca