Chapels & Chaplains

Chapels & Chaplains

The WAINWRIGHT BASE CHAPEL is located in building 196 west of the Jr. Ranks Mess, at the corner of Hillside and Perimeter Roads.
Whom we serve:
  • CF members and their families
  • DND employees and their families
  • Other members of the defence team and their families

What we offer:
  • Base Chapel Religious Services
  • Religious Education
  • Marriage Preparation
  • Christmas Hamper Program
  • Emergency Chaplain Services
  • Sacrament Preparation
  • Other services - Pastoral Counselling, Advocacy for Members, Recommendations for Compassionate Leave, Advising the Chain of Command on Matters of Faith and Religions

Regular Support:
Our pastoral team is here to offer you a place to receive assistance, whether your concern is matrimonial discord, financial distress, critical illness and/or sudden death of loved ones, or SIMPLY TO TALK about matters which are weighing heavy on you.
In TIMES OF CRISIS, your chaplaincy team will provide 24 hour, 7 day a week care to you and your family.  Contact the Emergency Chaplain.
Religious Services:
Sunday Morning
0900 Catholic Liturgy (Bilingual)
1030 Protestant Worship (English)
Sunday Chapel provides a break from demanding, often stressful, schedules with a time to RESET SPIRITUALLY and emotionally to PREPARE FOR THE COMING WEEK.

Everyone is welcome.
Multifaith Prayer Room
Our Chapel’s Multifaith Room provides SACRED SPACE for those of other faith traditions and resources (sacred texts, materials for smudging, prayer rugs, etc). ALL ARE WELCOME.

Other Ceremonies and Religious Ministrations
   Baptisms / Dedications
   First Communion
   Weddings - Contact us at least six months in advance (A Marriage Preparation Course is required.)
How to contact us:
PHONE: 780-842-1363 ext 1438
OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 0900 - 1600 hrs.
Catholic Faith Community Coordinator
Capt Antony Werunga                   780-842-1363  ext 1252
Protestant Faith Community Coordinator
Capt Kent Horsman                         780-842-1363  ext 1251
Keep In Touch
On Facebook at: Garrison Wainwright Faith Centre and Sacred Space


LCdr Robert Parker                       Ext 1272
(Senior Garrison Chaplain)
Capt Kent Horsman                       Ext 1251
Capt Antony Werunga                   Ext 1252