H&P Challenge
Vanessa Williams

Health & Physical Fitness Challenge

The annual Health & Physical Fitness Challenge was launched in support of the CAF’s Health and Physical Fitness Strategy. The challenge is conducted with the overall aim of continuing to facilitate a shift in culture towards the adaptation of a healthier lifestyle with increased physical activity in Wainwright.

The Health & Physical Fitness Challenge begins in September and is concluded in May, annually. Throughout the nine months of the challenge, individuals and sub-units/sections register their physical training activities during scheduled unit PT or personal fitness training in attempt to be the unit or the individual to accumulate the highest number of points.

The point structure for the Health & Physical Fitness Challenge is based on the Aerobic Award of Excellence with both the Fitness Department and Health Promotion developing sub-challenges within the challenge itself to incorporate all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.

The Health & Physical Fitness Challenge is more than a simple competition for points between individuals and units. It is the enhancement and maintenance of a fit and healthy fighting force that really drives this competition, ensuring the competition returns each year in September.

 Logging of points:
a.  DWAN email option is available mailto:+WRT FitnessChallenge@CFB Wainwright@Wainwright <+FitnessChallenge@intern.mil.ca>  - please forward all point submissions to this positional email. It is closely monitored by the PSP Fitness & Health Promotion staff. 
b.  GMAIL email - points can be forwarded to WRTfitnesschallenge@gmail.com
c.  ELECTRONIC LOG - save a local copy of the electronic log book and submit upon completion, once a month. Contact PSP via email for a copy of the electronic log book.

For more information contact Local 1759 (Health Promotion) or 1795 (Fitness Coordintor).