Deployment Support

Deployment Support


Deployment and Reunion Services

The Winnipeg MFRC has a fantastic Deployment and Reunion program to help members and their families overcome the challenges of Separations and Reunions. Anytime a CAF member is away from home for work related reasons, this is considered a Deployment and the member and their families are entitled to the services offered by the Separation and Reunion program (whether it be an overseas deployment, a course, Basic Training etc.) That being said, we understand that sometimes interval deployments happen and shorter deployments can also cause stress to a family, and we will never turn away a family for supports and services.
Questions? Call us as we are here to help.  204-833-2500 ext 4500.

**Click here for a message from the MFRC and Deployment Coordinator regarding OP IMPACT - January 9, 2020 **

If you are participating in OP LENTUS, OP LASER or any other domestic (including local) operation where you will be away from your home for overnight periods, please register with Deployment Services to ensure your family has access to information, resources, and referrals. Sequestered personnel and their families also have access to deployment services.

For registration, download the Contact form, fill it out and send it to deploymentwmfrc(at)outlook(dot)com. If you don't have access to a scanner, take a picture with your phone and attach it to the email. 

If childcare provisions are required, please attach you CFTPO to the above email.

Forms you may need:

Family Contact Form - This form is to be completed by CF personnel (Regular and Reserve) prior to any time away from home for work related reasons.  Includes sequesteration seperation, TD, IR, course, domestic or overseas operations.   You can download and complete this from, take a picture and email this to the Deployment Coordinator to deploymentwmfrc(at)outlook(dot)com. NOTE as email is not secure, but is the safe social distancing option.  Alternately, you can drop the completed form in the mail slot at the MFRC at 102 Comet St. in an envelope marked "For Deployment Coordinator" 



Welcome Home Bags:

Let us help you celebrate the return of a loved one. Pick up your Welcome Home Bag at the MFRC. These kits are FREE and include various items to decorate your home for the return of a loved one. This is a fun activity for kids and adults of all ages.

Stress Free Childcare

For the most current information on this program, contact our deployment co-ordinator Ana Vucic at 204-833-2500 ext 2991.