Parcel Service

Parcel Service


Parcel Service

Parcel Packing Station
The Winnipeg MFRC has a parcel packing station located in their Resource Library. This includes boxes, wrapping paper and the necessary tools to ship a package to your loved ones. With any Belleville shipping address, the MFRC will send out the package free of charge.

CAF family members and friends sending letters or packages to deployed CAF members

Sending letters and packages can be a wonderful way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends serving overseas. Here are some guidelines to assist in properly preparing your letter or parcel.

Plan in advance for special occasions. Once an item is mailed, it could take up to three weeks for the mail to be delivered to the addressee in theatre. If an individual in theatre is consistently experiencing more than three weeks for mail to arrive, it is recommended that the indivdiual discuss the matter with their serving Canadian Forces postal support personnel in theatre.

Parcels must be clearly addressed with rank, initials and name; unit and section. Clearly write the sender's address in the top left corner.

For futher instructions on sending a package to a deployed CAF member, visit Write to the Troops