Our B90 weight room is now open at limited capacity for active military members only. For instructions on how to book a session, please follow instructions below on how to use our booking system:

Fitness Covid-19 Update:

As requested, the PSP staff have implemented additional times for military members only to access the weight room later in the day.
The two new weight room /MPR timings that we have added include the following times:
1500-1600hrs and
This should support members that want to work out at the end of the day and then go home to shower.
For PSP-led unit PT on the gym floor, requests to book a timing can go directly to Leeona Bond or Chris Merrithew  
Members wishing to sign up for their unit PT class should contact their Unit PT OPI to be put on the roster.
This link will take you to the page with information about what you should expect when you arrive for your workout:
This link will take you to the page where you either create your own account or sign in to one you already have, if families are registered for Membership or swim lessons, then you should already have an account:
This link shows the weight room times and availability:
If you have any further questions, please contact the Bldg 90 front monitors at  or local 5139.

How to create and register profile
Start by going to booking system at:
*If you already have an account in booking call x5139 during bldg. hours, so we can update your account status.

If you do not have an account follow these instructions:
New account:
-Go to My Account Tab.
-Click “create a new account” which will be your profile {upper right side of the page}
-Click on the left side the “individual”
-Fill-in ALL the info and save it
*You will receive a confirmation email once complete. You must sign back in with-in 24 hours to confirm activation.*

*If you are Military you must call x5139 during bldg. hours with CF1#, and Service # so we can update your account status prior to being able to register for programs. (i.e. military fitness)*
To register for weight room:
-click on the “courses” tab
- you will see the “Military Fitness” section
-Click “weight room times
-Click “register now
-Ensure you click green “checkout” button on bottom right hand page.
-To register for multiple sessions click on green “keep shopping” button on bottom left hand page.  You can register for up to a week at a time.
-Once registration is complete you will receive an email confirming your course enrollment. 
-If you are unable to make a session please call x5139
-If you do not see the weight room session you want call x5139 on the day of session as there is a possibility of scheduling you in.