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Personal Fitness Programs


Personal Fitness Programs

Personal fitness programs are available for active military members. PSP Fitness Instructors will design a customized workout program. Personal Fiitness Program Request Forms are available HERE. A Get Active Questionnaire must be completed as well. Please email completed forms to Sean Kochalyk at A fitness instructor will be in contact with you to make arrangements within 7 days.

Please Note: our B90 weight room is now open at limited capacity for active military members only. For instructions on how to book a session, please follow instructions below on how to use our booking system:

How to create and register profile
Start by going to booking system at:
*If you already have an account in booking call x5139 during bldg. hours, so we can update your account status.

If you do not have an account follow these instructions:
New account:
-Go to My Account Tab.
-Click “create a new account” which will be your profile {upper right side of the page}
-Click on the left side the “individual”
-Fill-in ALL the info and save it
*You will receive a confirmation email once complete. You must sign back in with-in 24 hours to confirm activation.*

*If you are Military you must call x5139 during bldg. hours with CF1#, and Service # so we can update your account status prior to being able to register for programs. (i.e. military fitness)*
To register for weight room:
-click on the “courses” tab
- you will see the “Military Fitness” section
-Click “weight room times
-Click “register now
-Ensure you click green “checkout” button on bottom right hand page.
-To register for multiple sessions click on green “keep shopping” button on bottom left hand page.  You can register for up to a week at a time.
-Once registration is complete you will receive an email confirming your course enrollment. 
-If you are unable to make a session please call x5139
-If you do not see the weight room session you want call x5139 on the day of session as there is a possibility of scheduling you in.

Please contact the Fitness Instructors at local 2455 for more information.