Health Promotion

Health Promotion

All programs are free of charge and open to adults affiliated with the Defence Community.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion’s objective is to provide the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community with the tools and resources to attain and maintain an optimal state of health and wellness.

Outside of the classroom, we work with the Military Community, leadership and several partners to create optimal social, policy and physical environments that support the information and skills contained in these programs. Whether we’re involved in infrastructure projects to promote active living, initiatives to label and identify healthy options in the food environment, or working with messes to reinforce low risk drinking guidelines, health promotion is everywhere, helping to make the healthy choice the easy choice!

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Contact Us:

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 0730-1600 hrs

(204) 833-2500 + ext

Diane Brine, Health Promotion Manager - ext. 4995
Deanne Bennett, Health Promotion Specialist - ext. 4160
Candace Maxymowich, Administrative Assistant - ext. 4150



CANEX 2nd floor, Room 219
700 Wihuri Rd