Special Events & Campaigns

Special Events & Campaigns

Not only does the Health Promotion team provide unit briefings, awareness kiosks, unit work-shops and individual programming but we also host and attend many different events and presentations for several different campaigns throughout the year!

Annual Campaigns:

CAF Health and Wellness Challenge!
Addictions Awrareness Campaign
Vegetable and Fruit Campaign
Family Violence and Prevention Campaign
Healthy Holiday
Nutrition Month!
Big Bike - for the Heart & Stroke Foundation
Bike to Work Week
Mental Health Week
Helping Professionals - Showcase at Fall Fair

Special Events:

Come and Play
Night Market and Music Festival

*special events have been offered for reasons such as the 20th Birthday of CFMWS, mental health initiatives and much more, if you have attended an event in the past and would like to have it offered again contact us at health.promo@forces.gc.ca and let us know*