Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

What is an AGM?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of the members of the Winnipeg military community. The AGM is held within six months of the end of the fiscal year, and must be held every calendar year. The purpose of the AGM is to give members an opportunity each year to meet the directors, ask questions, and receive information about the MFRC. The main business conducted at the AGM is:
(a) Hearing and receiving the reports and statements required by the Corporations Act;
(b) Electing the Board of Directors;
(c) Approving the previous year’s financial audit;
(d) Appointing an auditor for the current fiscal year; Andrews 
(e) Any other required business properly brought before the meeting.

Can I Vote?

The following people are considered Voting Members of the Winnipeg Military Family Resource Centre community:

1. Full time serving CF members;
2. Married or common-law spouses of full time serving CF members;
3. Parents of a full time serving CF member;
4. Class A reservist families before, during, and after deployment.