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Introduces the fundamental skills required to build swimming proficiency.
The purpose of this course is to develop comfort in the water through attainment of basic flotation, movement and breathing skills.

Content Outline:
- Shallow water entries and exits
- Submerge head
- Exhale through mouth and/or nose
- Weight transfer (shallow water)
- Deep water float 5 seconds
- Change direction in deep water
- Surface support (deep water) 20 seconds
- Self-safety - safe diving
- Sitting dive
- Introduction to PFD/life jacket
- Introduction to sculling (shallow water)
- Throwing assist without a line
- Throwing assist with a line
- Reaching assist with an aid
- Rhythmic breathing 5 times
- Front float and recovery 3 seconds
- Back float and recovery 3 seconds
- Front glive with flutter kick 3x5m (in one lesson)
- Back glide with flutter kick 3x5m (in one lesson)
- Side glide with flutter kick 3m (assisted)
- Roll-over glide with flutter kick, 6 seconds
- Front swim 3x5m (in one lesson