Weight room

Building 21 Gym


Building 21 Gym

The B21 facility will be closed until 30 May 2021 due to provincial restrictions.

B21 Weight Room Bookings SOP
Reminders When Using B.21 Facilities
  • Members must use the self-screening tool before booking an appointment. https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/
  • Members must arrive 10 min before the scheduled timing.
  • Members must wear a mask at all times including in weight room.
  • Members must present their Military ID to the PSP staff prior to entry
  • Members must bring their own water bottle as the water fountains are NOT accessible.
  • Change-rooms are available at this time(No permanent Lockers) 
  • NO SHOWERS will be available at our facility
  • Not adhering to these could result in forfeiting your booked time slot or future slots.
  • Bookings can be placed a maximum of 14 days in advance.
  • Please call if unable to attend weight room session at X5139
Military Only Weight Room/Cardio Timings
Mon-Fri : 0730-0900hrs, 0930-1100hrs, 1130-1300hrs, 1330-1430hrs, 1500-1600hrs
  • ***Timings/booking dates may change with short notice, as 23 Health Services is conducting vaccination clinics for our Military personnel ***
Profile Creation
Everyone needs to create a profile in order for the computer to know who they are when registering. If you have a PSP Plan (Rec Memb.) or have taken courses with us in the past you may already have an account. If you can not remember your password you can contact the B90 front desk at x5139 for assistance.

How To Create And Register Profile
Start by going to booking system at:
If you already have an account in booking call x5139 during bldg. hours, so we can update your account status (this must be done to be able to register for military fitness)  if you do not have an account follow these instructions:
New account:
-Click on “My Account” in top grey bar
-Click “Click Here To Create An Account” on right side of page
-Click on the left side the “Individual Account
-Fill-in ALL the info and click “Next
*You will receive a confirmation email once complete. You must sign back in with-in 24 hours to confirm activation.*
**If you are Military you must call x5139 during bldg. hours with CF1#, and Service # so we can update your account status prior to being able to register for programs. (i.e. military fitness)*
 How To Register For Weight Room Times
To Register For Weight Room
  • Go to https://bkk.cfmws.com/winnipegpub  and log on.
  • Click on the “COURSES” tab
  • Choose course time and click on green “REGISTER NOW” button
  • Select enrollee and click green “CONTINUE” button
  • Click “CHECK OUT” OR if you want more time slots click “KEEP SHOPPING” 
  • Click “FINISH