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Facility Rules


Facility Rules

Access Rules
1. All members must leave their recreation cards at the front desk.
2 Military members must show their military ID card.
3. If no recreation card or military ID, a drop in fee must be paid.

General Facility Rules
1. All members must wear a suitable attire. A shirt has to be worn at all times. Suitable non-marking indoor footwear must be worn. No sandals or hiking shoes permitted.
2. No food or drinks (other than water) or glass containers permitted.
3. Smoking is forbidden in the facility.
4. Skateboards, roller blades and/or heelies must be carried while entering facility.
5. All children under 12 years must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian.
6. All gym bags, etc. must be stored in lockers. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please bring a lock for daily use lockers.
7. Family change rooms are to be utilized by parents with children under the age of 6.
8. No persons of the opposite sex are permitted in regular change rooms - no exceptions!

Cardio and Weight Room Rules
1. Users are required to wipe down equipment after use.
2. All weights must be returned to proper weight racks after use.
3. Spotters are required if there is any uncertainty with a lift.
4. Slamming or dropping of weights is prohibited.
5. No equipment shall be altered or leave the facility for any reason.
6. Olympic collars are to be used when lifting Olympic bars.
7. Children under 12 not permitted. Children aged 12-15 must be accompanied and closely supervised by a parent or legal guardian.

Gymnasium Floor Rules
1. Equipment must be put away after use (i.e. soccer balls).
2. Proper eyewear must be worn at all times while playing floor hockey.
3. Proper indoor footwear and clothes must be worn.

Squash Court Rules
1. Time must be reserved no later than seven days in advance at front desk (local 5139).
2. Time is limited as per squash reservation schedule (45 minute booking).
3. Eye protection must be worn at all times.
4. Indoor, non-marking sneakers are mandatory.