Executive & Contacts

Your new representatives as of 01 Apr 2021:

Sgt Tyler Davey
VPMC: Sgt Natalie Veilleux
Honorary PMC: CWO Claude Faucher

Secretary: Sgt Elenilson Jimenez Granados

Entertainment Chair: MWO Marcel Côté
Vice Entertainment: Vacant
Sports Chair: Sgt Alex Dodman
Vice Sports: MWO Sean Hubbard

Housing: WO Derek Lefevre
WOSM Website / Multimedia: WO Vicki Veilleux

Deputy Manager PSP: Kathy Prokopowich
Mess Manager: Dan Carlson / Ext. 5291 e-mail: dan.carlson@forces.gc.ca
Bar Manager: Jancell Opelena / Ext. 4773 e-mail: jancell.opelena@forces.gc.ca
Administrative Assistant: Lisa Blake / Ext. 5245 e-mail: lisa.blake@forces.gc.ca

The WOSM Mess Manager is the owner of the WOSM Distribution list (#Wpg-Senior NCO’s). For issues with the distribution list, please contact Mr Dan Carlson.