Chapels & Chaplains

Chapels & Chaplains

We are here for your spiritual needs.
The chaplains provide for the spiritual and religious needs of service personnel and their families. 17 Wing has a single chapel, located at the corner fo Wihuri Road and Silver Avenue, serving both the Protestant and Roman Catholic communities, as well as the general community.

In addition to regular chapel religious services, chapel activities/organizations include: a Protestant Chapel Guild and a Catholic Women's League, both of which meet monthly; Sunday School/catechism classes; baptism and confirmation instruction; marriage preparation and enrichment classes; and a one-week Vacation Bible School for children ages 4 - 12.

17 Wing Chapel is located at 2235 Silver Avenue

For general requests and enquiries: or 204-833-2500 local 6800

Mass Fall/Winter Schedule

17 Wing Chaplain
Building 137 Room 156A
Local 5417

Administrative Assistant
Building 64 Room 112
Local 5087

Unit Chaplain + Protestant Faith Community Coordiantor
16 Hangar, 3rd Floor, Room 3290
Local 5785

Unit Chaplain + Roman Catholic Faith Community Coordinator
Building 64, 1st Floor, Room 111
Local 4885

MSS - Unit Chaplain
Building 129, Room 173D
Local 5272

Aero School - Unit Chaplain
Building 84
Local 6914

Mental Health Chaplain
Building 62, 3rd Floor
Local 5086

Emergency Duty Chaplain: Contact Wijng Mililtary Police Ops Duty Centre at 204-833-2633.