Archery Club

Archery Club


Archery Club

The 17 Wing Archery Club is entering its 9th year with a membership of 45-60 members. Our mandate is to encourage archery at all levels for members of 17 Wing and their families. Membership is open to anyone eligible to join the 17 Wing Recreation Association.

We are affiliated with the Archers and Bowhunters of Manitoba (ABAM) which is the provincial governing body for all types of archery in Manitoba.

The club meets in the building 21 gym, and we shoot indoors at ranges from 10-40 yards at both paper and 3-D targets.

Weather permitting, we shoot outdoors at our Outdoor Range, located on the South West corner of Saskatchewan Ave and Wihuri Whytewold) Rd. Outdoor activities include paper target shooting and 3-D target courses. We host an indoor and an outdoor 3-D tournament and several outdoor target tournaments each year.

Any type of bow is allowed on the range, except crossbows. Most members shoot compound bows but we also have a growing number of recurve archers.

We have beginner equipment available, which is suitable for use by all ages. We do not offer formal lessons, but we have one qualified instructor in the club and many experienced members who are willing to assist new members to learn the sport and improve their shooting.

To join simply contact one of the executives listed below or come out to the "range" either in building 21 or at the outdoor range and talk to us there.

President          Ron Cooney                         204-990-9301
Vice Pres          MWO Darrell Boudreau        204-227-1192
Treasurer         Paul Stiff                                204-918-7855
Secretary         CPO2 Scott Allingham          204-227-7623