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Strategy Gaming


Strategy Gaming

Have you ever imangined yourself on the deck of HMS Victory with Nelson at Trafalgar, or driving through Normandy with Monty, or perhaps slaying vicious damsels while saving beaitufl dragons? If any of these intrigue you and/or sound like fun, come on out to the 17 Wing Strategy Gaming Club and exercise your imagination with the world of strategy games!

We play many genres of games, from strategy miniature/board games to role playing or collectible card games. Examples would be Bolt Action, Field of Glory, Catan, Zombicide, X-Wing, Magic, and D&D to name but a few.

We are there for all ages, we just ask that pre-teens are accompanied.

Alea iacta est

For more information, contact Capt Gerald Howlett 204-833-2500 ext. 5106.