23 Health Services Update - 24 August 2020

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Manitoba in different areas of the province.  Community transmission in addition to traceable cases, is likely happening for the first time. The significant of this is that Public Health cannot track each case back to a cluster, travel or other contact and thus contain further transmission.  Every member of 17 Wing needs to be cognizant of and follow the Public Health Measures below directed by our CAF leadership.     Although current Manitoba Public Health Measures are less restrictive, we, as members of the CAF and Defence Team have a responsibility for Force Health Protection. We need to be extra cautious in engaging in activities with increased risk of exposure to COVID resulting in transmission which could   negatively impact CAF operations, training and key functions along with individual members and their families. 
Other important reminders:
If CAF members have been tested in the civilian community or have symptomatic close contacts (family members) who are swabbed, CONTACT 23 CF H Svcs C so appropriate advice can be given to mitigate the risk of transmitting COVID-19 on the Wing.
At this time testing at 23 CF H Svcs C is only for symptomatic CAF personnel. If there is an operational testing requirement, chains of command can initiate request through the Wing Surgeon.
COVID-19 Screening Tool

To access 23 CF H Svcs 
Main entry point is North door A.  All patients will be screened for risk of COVID 19 before entering the building.  DO NOT use any other entrance other than Door A, the only exception being South Door B for pharmacy.
Sick Parade Members call 5777/5595 for direction prior to showing up.  You may be given a timing through the day as medically/operationally appropriate.  This will decrease the amount of people at the entrance, avoid standing in inclement weather and reduce risk of transmission of COVID.
Booked Appointments Call 5777/5595 to book an appointment with clinicians, community health and primary care nurses.  At this time only high priority PHA’s are being booked eg: screening, aircrew. Clinicians will determine whether appointment will be in person or via phone.  On arrival member will call 5777/5595 to be checked in.  The clinician will call member’s phone when ready and meet them at door A.   
Mental Health Sick parade and booked appointments Call 5086.
Case Management Call 4036 for appointments.  
Lab/Xray Entry will be via door A.
Physiotherapy Resumed in Building 90.  Call 4888 for appointments.
Pharmacy Members should continue to call ahead 5263 to renew their prescriptions.  For pickup, call phone number on South Door B and pharmacy will manage the door.
Referrals Call 5621
Vision POC Lt Goodyer Local 4997
Dental Call 5522 for appointments.  At this time only urgent dental conditions are being booked.
All members are to bring their issued cloth masks if entering the building for any reason.  Depending on the reason for attending they may be asked to replace this mask with a medical grade mask.
To prevent opportunity for virus transmission, numbers of patients in the building are being limited.  Members may be asked to wait in their vehicles or outside until their clinician/provider is ready for them at which time they will be let in.