Video Updates
Updated May 7 2020

Updates from 17 Wing on COVID 19 situation

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UPDATE 10 Recorded 12 June 2020

UPDATE 9 Recorded Thursday 28 May 2020

UPDATE 8 Recorded Friday 22 May 2020

Letters from Mayor Brian Bowman

UPDATE 7 Record Friday 15 May 2020

UPDATE 6 Recorded live on Thursday 7 May 
Technically difficulties resulted in a split in the live cast.  
Part one
Part two

UPDATE 5 - Recorded live on Friday 1 May

UPDATE 4 - Recorded live on Friday 24 April.

UPDATE 3 - Recorded live on Friday 15 April.


The transcript of the video can be download here.

March 25, 2020 message from the 17 Wing Command Team on the current situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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