Family looking over a winter mountain scene

Winter Rentals

Rentals are available November - April, weather permitting.

Winter Rentals Snowshoes and Skis

Snowshoe and ski rentals are available to regular force military members, veterans, reserve force members, DND, MFRC and RCMP employees, and regular and ordinary recreation members. Pickup up and drop off of rentals will only be available during weekday daytime hours, 0900-1500 hrs (an appointment must be made prior to pick up and drop off).
Rentals will be on a first come first served basis and are offered on a daily and weekend basis. There are 6 pairs of adult-sized snowshoes, 4 youth-sized pairs, and 6 children-sized pairs available.
To inquire about snowshoe and ski rentals please call the front desk of building 90 at 204-833-2500 ext. 5139 or ext 5976 or ext 7013.