On Your Own PT

On Your Own PT

During COVID 19 it is still important to maintain your physical fitness. PSP has options listed below to help you reach your fitness goals. Take a look at live-stream workouts from across the country or written workouts to do in your own home with minimal equipment or in the gym with weights.

Please read the disclaimer before doing any PSP workouts on your own: 

“In response to COVID-19, PSP is offering virtual fitness to Canadian Armed Forces members. By using social media platforms, the virtual fitness classes tailored to Canadian Armed Forces personnel become accessible to all.

Participants who are not Canadian Armed Forces membersrecognize and acknowledge that their age, health status and physical fitness level are unknown, and it is entirel y up to each individual to assess their ability to participate in this class. Since it is preferable to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program, we invite all participants who are not Canadian Armed Forces members to consult the ‘Get Active Questionnaire’ of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology and its Reference Document. If you experience any pain or difficulty during the exercises presented in this video, it is recommended that you stop and consult a healthcare provider.

If CAF members sustain an injury during this video, please remember to fill out a CF98. ”

Get Active Questionnaire: https://www.csep.ca/CMFiles/GAQ_CSEPPATHReadinessForm_2pages.pdf
Get Active Reference Document: http://www.csep.ca/CMFiles/publications/GAQ_ReferenceDoc_2pages.pdf


Looking for ways to stay active at home? Your PSP team has you covered! Our fitness professionals across Canada have put together 12hrs of virtual fitness so you can get moving at a time that works best for you!

Check out the full schedule at cafconnection.ca/virtualfitness and download the schedule to your mobile device!
Vous cherchez des façons de rester actif à la maison? Vous pouvez compter sur votre équipe des PSP! Nos professionnels du conditionnement physique partout au Canada ont créé 12 h d’entraînement virtuel pour que vous puissiez bouger quand ça vous convient!

Consultez l’horaire complet à connexionfac.ca/ConditionnementPhysiqueVirtuel et téléchargez l’horaire sur votre appareil mobile!

FROM PSP Yellowknife

Looking for a way to keep up your fitness and continue to push yourself at home? Check out these workouts and challenges that can be done easily in your own home! 

There are 4 workouts in the document below, feel free to do them in any order you want and as many times as you want. If have have weights, bands, or any other sort of way to add resistance that will help get the most out of these workouts. These workouts are designed for members that have minimal to no equipment available, so please use them as a starting point and add to it as you see necessary.

At Home PT Workouts #1-4
At Home PT Workouts #4-7


If you have any questions, please email FSR Coordinator Matthew Tibbles at tibbles.matthew@cfmws.com.