Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

PSP Equipment Rentals


Rentals will be available as of 29 June 2020. If you have any questions on rentals, please contact FSR Coordinator Matthew Tibbles at or

Summer 2020 rentals will have COVID 19 restrictions in place. Please carefully read the SOPs sent out via DWAN. If you did not receive the SOPs please reach out to PSP Manager Tina Schauerte, or download them here.

Your CRA membership allows you to rent a variety of equipment during both the summer and winter seasons, allowing you to view Yellowknife and surrounding area from a different angle.

Float Dock Hours of Operation
Pick up: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1700-1800
Drop off: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1800-1900

All rentals are on a first come first serve basis. When you rent equipment, it is for the day, please select a time range from 0800-2000. Rentals will have no cost for the Summer 2020 season. Rental periods are limited 2-7 days. For longer rentals, please submit a trip plan to FSR Coordinator Matthew Tibbles for approval. RENTALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP OR DELIVERY ON WEEKENDS.

Rental equipment is only available to Community Recreation Association (CRA) Members. In order to rent a power boat you are required to have your Pleasure Craft Operators Card. Any damages to rentals will be the responsibility of the renter to repair.

Payment must be received prior to rental pick up. Payment is completed through the PSP office located on the 2nd floor of the Greenstone building with Ms. Crystal Blackburn. Payments will be received Mon-Fri from 0830-1200 and 1300-1500.

A damage deposit will be taken when renting any power boats. The damage deposit is $250.00. When the boat returns the member will receive their deposit back pending no issues with the rental equipment.

Summer Rental Prices

Non-Motorized Aquatic Equipment

Canoe $10.00
Kayak (solo, tandem, sit-on & angler)  $10.00
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards $10.00
Stand-Up Paddle Boards $10.00

Motorized Aquatic Equipment


18ft Power Boat $90.00

Non-Motorized Equipment


Camping Equipment $10.00
Fat Tire Bike $10.00
Flatbed Trailer $20.00
Generators $10.00
Golf Clubs FREE
Hiking Back Packs FREE
Hiking Barrel $5.00
Mountain Bike $5.00

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Now you can make your rental reservation online. Click here to make a reservation! Need help on how to navigate the rental system? Download the rental system guide. If you have any questions about how to rent, contact FSR Coordinator Matthew Tibbles,

If you are interested in joining the CRA or wish to receive more information, contact PSP Manager, Tina Schauerte -