Child Care

Child Care


Emergency Child Care Funds

Did you know that the MFRC has funding for emergency child care?  A maximum of 96 hours of coverage, with some exceptions, may be allotted for a single incident requiring emergency child care.  Eligibility of funding depends on the situation and is assessed on a case by case basis. 
All military members are required to complete and have in place a Family Care Plan (FCP) to address their childcare needs, should a military commitment or emergency arise.  It is also important for parents/guardians to have their own emergency FCP.  Your MFRC has an in-depth family care plan template and staff that is willing and available to assist you in completing it.  The MFRC Emergency Family Care Plan document is much more detailed and very different from the one the military member is mandated to complete.  It is worth the time and effort to complete, as this plan will leave you with the peace of mind knowing that you’ve planned for the care of your children prior to an emergency situation. 

For a paper or electronic copy of the plan, please contact us at 873-0700 ext. 6859 or

Sometimes, despite all efforts, plans fail.  That being said, your North of 60 MFRC is here for you and your family.

The following are circumstances that may constitute the use of emergency child care funds:
  •  When CAF personnel are required to report for duty on short notice or are absent due to a military-related tasking, and neither their primary nor secondary child caregiver as identified in their Family Care Plan (FCP) is available to care for their children.
  • When CAF personnel or any of their family (including dependents of single serving members) are seriously ill/injured and participation at medical, mental health or social support services appointments is required, or respite from child care is necessary to aid in their recuperation.
  • When CAF personnel or any of their family (including dependents of single serving members) have died and the family needs support through the repatriation, funeral and bereavement process.
  • With today’s operational tempo and the modern military family, emergency child care assistance may be required in different circumstances than covered above, therefore requests may be approved at the discretion of the MFRC Executive Director.
 For more information or to access funds contact Rose at (867) 873-0700 ext. 6998 or  In emergency situations call (867) 446-1761.