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​Below is a list of Yoga Studio's located in Yellowknife. 
  • Taiga Yoga Center​ (PSP Rec Association)
We strive to offer a safe and comfortable setting in which you can fully relax. Our schedule offers a wide range of classes for all levels. As northerners we must acknowledge and adapt to the changes that occur in our external environment throughout the year. Taiga Yoga & Therapy Centre provides SAD lighting to lighten your mood during the darkest months, a yoga reference resource, herbal teas and complimentary therapies. Taiga Yoga classes will reflect these changes – more Yin like (cooler and calmer) in winter, more Yang like (hotter and more active) in summer.

Yoga classes offered at Taiga are available at a disount for members of Community Recreation Association (CRA) and is also offered to military members during PT classes.  Click here for information on Taiga Yoga. 
  • Racquet Club Yoga Classes
Members of the Racquet Club can access the yoga classes free of charge. Click here to view their schedule
  • The Luscious Life Yoga Studio  

The Luscious Life Studio is for the woman who wants more love and freedom in her life. The woman who wants freedom from negative thoughts about her body. Freedom from self-hatred and body-hatred. Freedom from pain in her body. The woman who wants the freedom to live her life fully. For the woman who wants to feel graceful, gorgeous, even glowing. The woman who wants more!
Click here for more information.

  •  Collective Soul Space
​ Collective Soul Space, where you can find a variety of wellness classes and workshops to participate in, no matter your age or ability. We have classes that cover every stage of your life – prenatal movement, baby and me yoga, kids yoga, teen yoga, a variety of adult classes, and even yoga classes for persons with disabilities. Click here for more information.