Dog Sledding
Ginette Boudreau

Dog Sledding

Below is a list of various companies who offer Dog Sledding tours for everyone. Every year PSP arrange a day in the spring where CRA members can go dog sledding at a discounted price. 

Canadian Championship Dog Derby

History of the Canadian Championship Dog Derby

The North was built on sled dogs. Before snowmobiles, trucks, and airplanes, people of the north used dog teams as their main form of transportation. Journals from the early explorers, such as Samuel Hearne in the late 1700’s, depicted the use of dogs to pull sleds and carry equipment. Sled dogs teams in the NWT were prevalent, as modes of transportation, all the way up to the 1970’s. Many current NWT residents can still remember when their families used to travel by dog team – ask them!

For more information on the Canadian Championship Dog Derby visit their website.