Paddling Course

Paddling Course

Paddling Course

This foundational “canoeing 101” course introduces proper technique for the core strokes you’ll need to control your canoe. Master the “J-stroke”, learn rescue skills, and get better prepared for your summer canoe adventures in this 7 hour course.

Course Description:

  • To introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner in sheltered calm waters, and to intro-duce basic land and water rescue techniques.
  • Get tons of hands-on practice with experienced instructors in a great learning environment.
  • Increase your knowledge of the paddling dynamics and boat tilting for better efficiency and boat control.
  • Practice techniques such as throwing ropes to others in the water, towing other boats, perform self-rescues, and rescue others.

Distance from shore: within comfortable swimming distance from shore (based on the swimming ability of course participants). 

Certification: Paddle Canada Skills Certification: Introduction to Lake Canoeing (Tandem) 

Download Information Package | Jack Pine Paddle Waiver Form | Map of Location 

WHEN: June 8, 2019
TIME: 9:00 AM - 16:00 PM
COST: $100

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