Paintball Club

Paintball Club

Paintball is one of the fastest growing participation action sports in the world.  It is broken up into two distinctive types, Speed Ball and Woods Ball.  In both types of Paintball, players are “marked” by a paintball that is expelled from a special air gun signifying their elimination from that round of the game.  Paintball games usually run from fifteen to forty five minutes.  Referees start and stop the games as well as enforce the safety rules and game regulations.  Like a game of chess being able to think decisively is what gives you the edge.  Physical size and strength are not as important as intelligence and determination.  To some people it is a sport, to others it is a recreation activity and to others it is a social activity.  You will never forget the feeling of enjoyment and exhilaration from the game.  

Don’t have your own equipment? No problem, equipment is available to rent at the field.

Season: April to November 2019