BFRC - Welcome Packages

BFRC - Welcome Packages

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BFRC - Welcome Packages BFRC - Welcome Packages

Welcome Packages 

Have you received a BFRC Welcome Package?
BFRC Welcome Packages contain information for the new member/family about Centre Programs and Services and general information about Barrie and surrounding areas.  Packages are offered via mail or can be picked up at the Centre to new or anticipated arrivals.

Welcome packages, presented in a useful cloth bag, contain:

  • Information and brochures on the BFRC, Base Borden and surrounding area
  • Borden at a Glance
  • BFRC Resource Guide
  • Health Card Registration Kit
  • Maps
  • Visitor guides

Additional information is added to Welcome Packages based on identified interests and requirements from the new member/family during a House Hunting Trip (HHT), when Clearing In or during a visit to the Centre.  Drop in to meet the staff!

Child Care -

Driver's Licence and Registration
Welcome Wagon

The Borden Family Resource Centre produces a yearly Resource Guide that provides information and community contacts that you may require during your posting to Base Borden.

Posting Packages
To assist in the relocation of military families, the BFRC sends annually a sample of our Welcome Package to each MFRC for information and loan purposes.  If you are posted to or preparing for a potential posting to Borden, please contact your local MFRC to check out the BFRC Welcome Package.

Additionally, the Centre maintains a copy of most MFRC’s Posting Packages which contain information on the Base, MFRC and services in the surrounding area.  These packages can be viewed at the BFRC and/or signed out for 1 week periods.  Checking out other MFRC’s information is a great opportunity to get to know potential posting locations, to use when considering posting requests and/or for family members to get to know their new community. 

For more information or to request a Welcome Package from the BFRC or another MFRC, drop by the BFRC Resource Library or contact us

Caroline Munoz
705-424-1200 ext 3994