BFRC - Information and Referral

BFRC - Information and Referral

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BFRC - Information and Referral BFRC - Information and Referral

Information and Referral 

Whether you’ve just arrived, been here awhile or are moving on, we can assist.

The Information and Referral Service provides bilingual information and referrals to inform and connect CF members and their families to community services and programs on Base, throughout the County of Simcoe, as well as across the nation in any geographic location to which a family may be posted.

If you have any questions staff will do their best to answer your questions or refer you to desired contacts.

Keeping you updated of BFRC activities and events is important.  To stay informed, we encourage you to check out:
  • BFRC Calendar
  • BFRC Website
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Base Newspaper -  (Citoyen Borden Citizen)

Base Newspaper
The Centre promotes events and activities through weekly submissions to the Citoyen Borden Citizen newspaper.

Check out the Base Borden publications which outline upcoming community events.

Information and Referral Facilitator