BFRC - Board of Directors

BFRC - Board of Directors

BFRC - Board of Directors BFRC - Board of Directors

Board of Directors Welcome Message 

The Borden Family Resource Centre (BFRC) has an enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated group of volunteers on their Board of Directors. This board consists of at least 51% military spouses, with the remaining being serving or retired CF members, and Ex-Officios. The Board of Directors is responsible for developing policies, reviewing community needs assessments, evaluating programs and services, directing Centre staff and operations through the Executive Director, and acting as Ambassadors for the Centre.


2017-18 Board of Directors                                            


President: Cheryl O'Leary
Secretary: Cynthia Townsend
Directors: Annette Goddard
  Kimberly Dugay
  Dino Laplante
  Gabrielle Cullum
  Jessica Richardson
Base Commander's Representative: Major Sylvain Ménard

For more information on how to get involved with the Borden Family Resource Centre, please contact Volunteer Services.

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