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Green Field Trip for 9-to-17-year-olds
Young people are invited to attend an unforgettable weekend from June 7 to 9 at the Centre de plein air l’Estacade in Saint-Paul-de-l’Île-aux-Noix. This camp will help them develop strategies for dealing better with postings and strengthen their relationships with other young people who are experiencing similar realities. This activity is free and spots are limited to 30 young people. Register by writing to Please note that transportation will be provided by parent volunteers.
Youth volunteers
Next date: May 8 starting at 7:00 pm
Our young people aged 9 to 17 will have the unique opportunity of developing new skills by getting involved in the community. It is not necessary to sign up. You only need to go to the Loft on the evening of the activity. Everyone is welcome!

TEEN day trip (11-to-17-year-olds)
The MFRC occasionally provides activities that are 100% for teenagers aged 11 to 17! At our first outing on May 18, we will spend the morning at Céramique Café where we will eat lunch. Then we will cross Taschereau Boulevard to go bowling and eat popcorn in the afternoon. Hurry, spaces are limited! Parents will provide transportation.
Please note that you can pick up your painted ceramics at the MFRC in Saint-Hubert or Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu one or two weeks after the activity.
Where: Céramique Café: 3240 Taschereau Blvd., Greenfield Park,  J4V 2H3; and Bowling Champion: 2999 Taschereau Blvd., Greenfield Park,  J4V 2H2
Cost: $25

Activities for 5-to-12-year-olds in Saint-Jean
Beach games, Popsicles and fun guaranteed! With a Beach Party theme, come and celebrate the arrival of summer on Sunday, May 26, 2019, from 9 am to 12 noon in the main hall in the MFRC Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. You have until next Friday, May 24, to sign up your children at
Volunteer recognition activities — Lasertag outing
To thank our young people for their involvement in the Loft’s various activities and the time they spend on them, a special activity will be held for 9-to-17-year-olds, on May 31 at 7:00 pm at the Lasertag at 1035 Saint-Bruno Boulevard in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. If other young people, who have not volunteered, would like to join us on the trip, they can do so at the cost of $30.
Transportation is not included.
A community garden will be planted in June for the housing units. Anyone interested in participating in the community garden project is welcome. In the fall, local young people will be able to enjoy the harvest, which will be shared. The activity may be postponed in case of bad weather. You have until May 29 to register at

When you register for youth activities, remember to indicate the participants’ full name, age, allergies and a phone number where you can be reached.

For further information: Emie Gendron, Youth Coordinator at 450 462-8777 ext. 6824 (Saint-Hubert), or 450 358-7099 ext. 6118 (Saint-Jean), or at
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We all have mental health issues!
Our mental health sometimes flickers like a candle, but it may flicker like a candle in the wind during difficult or stressful events. A job loss, the birth of a child, a separation, the death of a loved one and an accident are all examples of tough challenges for one’s mental health.
However, a mental health issue does not necessarily mean mental illness!  For this year’s mental health week, from May 6 to 12, 2019, here are some tips that can help you continue to burn brightly.
First, it is important to watch for a few signs that show that your health is fragile:
  • Persistent fatigue;
  • Irritability;
  • Change in appetite;
  • Decrease in ability to concentrate or memorize;
  • Hypersensitivity;
  • Feeling of discouragement, guilt or prolonged sadness;
  • Etc.
What can we do when we see these signs?
  • Ask for a friend’s opinion;
  • Call your Employee Assistance Program;
  • Consult a physician or visit a walk-in clinic.
Finally, here are some tips that can help you reduce the effects:
  • Breathe deeply several times;
  • Tell yourself that everything is fine and that it will pass;
  • Tell it or write it to someone without writing a novel. The important thing is that you do not have to be alone with this.
  • Do something nice for yourself—some small thing every day and enjoy the present moment!
For more information on Mental Health Week:

For further information: Audrey Gallant, social worker and Family Liaison Officer, at 450 358-7099 ext. 5190 (Saint-Jean) or at

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Does second language training interest you?
Spots are currently available for Rosetta Stone online training. Take advantage of the summer to improve your knowledge of a second language in the comfort of your living room with an ice cream cone in your hand!
Register now! We have a maximum of 18 licences for military spouses.
Send your full name and your email address to our Employment and Education Coordinator by email to:

For further information: Estelle Auger, Employment and Education Coordinator, at 450 462-8777 ext. 6827 (Saint-Hubert) or 450 358-7099 ext. 6084 (Saint-Jean), or at

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Transfers and social media: Find effective answers
We cannot deny it: the first days of spring mean that posting season is just around the corner. Some families will leave us, but we will welcome new ones who will in turn enrich our community.
Moving often means stress, not only because it is a matter of leaving the province in which we have lived for several years, but also because settling into your new place of residence raises issues and can cause stress within the family.
Most MFRCs in each region have a Facebook group, in which it is possible to connect with Centre staff, military spouses and other community members. They will then be able to refer you to a school or recommend a family doctor who accepts new patients.
In the Montreal region, you can visit the MFRC’s Facebook page, as well as the Facebook page of the Montreal region military spouses’ group called conjointes de militaires de la région de Montréal. Finally, the CAFConnection site allows you to surf from one MFRC to another across the network and to learn about contacts and resources that you will find near your future home.

For further information: Maude Laflamme, Community and Social Services Officer, 450 462-8777 ext. 6835 (Saint-Hubert) ou  450 358-7099 ext. 5190 (Saint-Jean) or at
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The Welcome and Support Team to the Transition to Military Life Program thanks you for your participation in our recent activities in Montreal and Laval. The team is pleased to invite you to our upcoming Military Life 101 Workshops:

  • Saint-Jean, bilingual (adapted to the group): May 29, 2019, from 7 pm to 9 pm at Saint-Jean Garrison:
  • Montreal, in English: June 17, 2019, from 7 pm to 9 pm at Montreal Garrison.
Please sign up for our activities at by indicating the full name of each participant and the chosen date.

For further information: Ariane Tanguay-Doyon, Outreach Officer, at 450 462-8777 ext. 6804 (Saint-Hubert), or 450 358-7099 ext. 7712 (Saint-Jean), or at

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Veteran Family Program
Do you live a medical release or are you released for medical reasons? Do you need help to ease your transition from military to civilian life? Do your family members have difficult moments in transition, need to be guided and/or help with certain issues? Since April 1, 2018, the MFRC Veterans’ Family Program can help you. Regardless of the difficulties experienced, do not hesitate to contact the program coordinator who will support you, listen to you, and guide you at the level of available resources.

For further information: Myriam Dutour, social worker and Veteran Family Program Coordinator, at 450 462-8777 ext. 6816 (Saint-Hubert), or  450 358-7099 ext. 2910 (Saint-Jean), or at

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Preschool workshops
Preschool workshops began this week! As the spring session workshops will be held mainly outdoors, please pay particular attention to the weather and ensure that your child is properly dressed to go outside to play.
Closing of the drop-in daycare
Please note that there will not be any drop-in daycare service on Friday, May 10 for training purposes and on Monday, May 20, for the Victoria Day holiday.
Parents-and-tots activities
For parents registered for parents-and-tots activities, we would ask that you inform us when you will be absent.
Thank you for your co-operation!

For further information: Francine Gadbois, Childhoot Coordinator at 450 462-8777 ext. 6830 (Saint-Hubert), or 450 358-7099 ext. 7012 (Saint-Jean), or at

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With winter behind us and sun in the forecast, spring is here at last!
When it is done safely, free outdoor play provides many benefits for children. Playing outdoors allows children to burn some energy, reduce stress, activate their imagination and have new experiences, while improving their physical fitness, concentration and sleep. In addition, they will be able to make new discoveries in nature: different temperatures, plants, insects, animals, etc.

In order for this to become a habit and a pleasure rather than a punishment for the child, it is important to introduce this routine from an early age!

**Bonus: it gives you a break from technology and screens, and creates great family memories!

For further information: Camille Provencher, Special Care Counsellor – Ages 0-17, 450-462-8777, ext. 6852 (Saint-Hubert) or 450-358-7099, ext. 2917 (Saint-Jean) or at

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Would you like to provide military families with direct and concrete support?
The Separation and Reunion Coordinator is seeking volunteers who would be interested in making calls to families who are faced with the deployment of a loved one.

Coping with the prolonged absence of a loved one requires a lot of adaptation, and it is quite normal to feel alone during this period. The volunteers’ calls are intended to provide moral support to families experiencing deployment to remind them that there are people who can support them!

Perhaps you have received such a call in the past? Did it make a difference? Feel free to contact us if you would like to come and share your experience as a military family member and provide your support.

The Separation and Reunion Coordinator is available to assist you when you are facing the challenges of absence and changes in the military lifestyle. The services are free and confidential.

For further information: Rachelle Guitard, social worker and Separation and Reunion Coordinator, at 450 462-8777 ext. 6858 (Saint-Hubert), or 450 358-7099 ext. 2520 (Saint-Jean), or at

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