Proof of Relationship

During the registration process, you'll be requested to supply proof of your relationship to the Canadian military community. This information is being requested as this program is unable to access the databases used to hold former members' personal information. By providing us with proof of affiliation, you are consenting that you are in fact a member of the Canadian military community.

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members (Regular and Reserve Force) and their families
Copy of the member's NDI 20 (Canadian Forces ID Card) or NDI 10 (Temporary ID Card)
Veterans (former members of the CAF) and their families, including families of the deceased
One of the following:
  • Copy of the member's NDI 75 or CAF 75 (Record of Service ID Card)
  • Copy of the member's Pension Statement
  • Copy of the member's Release Certificate / Discharge papers
  • Communication from either VAC or CF that confirms the member's service
Click here to obtain service records used in the validation process.
Members of foreign military currently serving with the CAF and their families
  • Assignment paperwork
  • Copy of member's NDI 30 (Allied Force ID Card) or NDI 31
Extended Defence Community and their families
For MFRC employees: A letter from the MFRC stating that you are a current employee
For RCMP: Copy of the member’s RCMP Service ID
For Honorary Col / Capt (N) & LCol / Cdr: Appointment letter, copy of NDI 10
For current Staff of NPF, CF: No identifying documents to submit
For current DND public servant: Copy of member’s NDI 21 (Civilian ID Card)
For Canadian Coast Guard members: copy of ID Badge
For all others: Copy of member’s NDI 21 (Civilian ID Card)

NPF Pensioners and their families

Copy of the member’s Pension statement