Parcel Service
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Parcel Service

The easiest way to mail a letter or parcel to military personnel deployed on operations overseas is to use the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Post Office located in Belleville ON. 

All the usual Canada Post rules and regulations for sent mail are the same. You need to cover the applicable postage to get the package to Belleville. From there, the mail is handled by the CAF Postal Service at no extra cost to you.

Your mail and letters go from Belleville to a Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) nearest the deployed CAF or civilian member. Most MFRCs have systems in place for “morale mail” or mailing services. They are also equipped to ship for free to Belleville. This coordinated effort between the local MFRC and the local commander is based on available resources. You can contact your local Military Family Resource Centre directly to see if they provide the mailing service and find out how to access it. 

Every year for the holiday season, Canada Post offers a free Christmas postal service. It starts around mid-October and goes to early January. You can send mail to your deployed loved ones free of charge from any Canada Post location.

Write to the Troops
If you would like to:
  • write a general message for the troops;
  • mail a parcel overseas; and/or
  • donate money
please refer to the Department of National Defence website.