What we offer

What We Offer

The mission of the HOPE program (Helping Our Peers by Providing Empathy) is to provide confidential peer support to bereaved military families coping with the loss of a Canadian Armed Forces member (Regular or Reserve Force) or a veteran.

The loss does not have to be attributed to military service.

The transition for those left behind after a loved one has died is very difficult. Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone. HOPE peer volunteers have been through similar experiences and they are here to offer you a helping hand along the way.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? HOPE is a program available to adult family members in the military and veteran community, at any point in time. 

The HOPE program is here to:

  • Support you
  • Listen to you
  • Help you to understand the grief journey
  • Share stories and points of view
  • Help you explore new possibilities
  • Give new options and, most importantly, help you find HOPE
Research has proven peer support has a significant impact on emotional healing and family wellbeing. HOPE has developed an expertise in peer support, helping families through their grief and loss. Our peer volunteers help to provide a safe community of support to help individuals get back on the road to wellness. If you or someone you know is experiencing grief and are looking for support, please do not hesitate to contact us.